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What is SmartDialysis?

SmartDialysis is a startup company based in Rochester, New York, USA, with members whose backgrounds vary from biomedical engineering, nephrology, microfluidics, business management, and computer science. Our team has been working closely with our partners in the hemodialysis industry.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life and to extend the lifespan of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients with several generations of hemodialysis products. Our ultimate goal is to create a portable hemodialysis device so that ESRD patients won't need to frequent dialysis centers and can enjoy more mobile lifestyles. Our product will allow patients to perform hemodialysis at their own convenience with fewer medical complications and an overall better outcome.

Our Vision

We will gradually introduce to the market a portable dialysis device in three generations.

Product Evolution

Generation I

Old dialysis, new experience.

Our first generation of products will be cartridges that are integrable to current dialyzers. We will include the advanced nano-membranes along with anti-inflammation and anti-coagulation solutions inside the small cartridges.


With the improved medical care, patients can expect a smoother, healthier outcome with fewer complications.


Generation II

Smaller yet better!

Designed to be safe and convenient for both the ESRD patients and the doctors. Our second generation products reduce the extracorporeal blood volume needed and create a safer, smoother dialysis experience.

The products will be stand-alone devices in dialysis centers, and potentially suitable for direct home hemodialysis. Patients using our device will have a better results with fewer complications.

Generation III

No hassle, only buckle.

As a natural flow of our product evolution, our generation II product will feature an attachable, fully portable device, which will save the patients the hassle of travelling back and forth to the dialysis centers.

Centered on the health and convenience of ESRD patients, our design will truly revolutionize the way dialysis process is done. And with it, those who use it will feel the difference. We believe that every ESRD patient deserves to live a normal life without being constrained within dialysis centers.

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Our Technology

Closely working with University of Rochester and our industrial partners, SmartDialysis is working towards a smoother dialysis process, as gentle as the real kidney, with much less inflammation and much less coagulation.

Our core competency is applying the dramatic advances in biologic pathways knowledge to hemodialysis, such as (1) Methods of preventing clotting and inflammatory cascade activation by blood contact with the membrane; (2) Methods for safer hemodialysis fluids; (3) Methods to enhance rate of transfer of toxins across biologic membranes of the body.

We collaborate with McGrath research lab at University of Rochester, which has been advancing the technology of nano-membranes for years. We are also working on integrating the efficient nano-membranes developed at McGrath research lab to portable dialysis devices.

The use of microfluidics and microelectronics allows our product to become portable and also allows for remote monitoring. This advancement not only has the potential to decrease costs through reducing dialysis center facility and technician costs, but also has the potential to become a practical home hemodialysis system that enables longer dialysis time, such as overnight dialysis, which is generally associated with better dialysis outcomes.

Meet the Team

Aizhong Zhang

Aizhong Zhang is a PhD candidate in the Institute of Optics, at University of Rochester. He got his master degree in Technical Entrepreneurship and Management at Simon Business School.

George Anstadt

George Anstadt is an entrepreneurial and broadly experienced physician executive and practicing clinician who currently advises the Serometrix in silico drug discovery company’s Alzheimer project. He recently completed 10 years service as Medical Director of the Humana Clinic in Rochester, NY.

David Wu

David Wu is a Chemical Engineering professor at University of Rochester. His research areas are mainly: 1) Systems biology approach toward biofuels and 2) Bone marrow and lymph node tissue engineering.

Kwang Oh

Dr. Oh is a professor in EE and BME of SUNY at Buffalo. He is a leading expert in Microfluidics.

Bowei Zhang

Bowei is a Masters student in Technical Entrepeneurship and Management at the University of Rochester. Previously, he studied Material Science and Engineering at Beihang University in Beijing, China.

David Manly

David Manly is a student in Optical Engineering at University of Rochester. And he is our industrial relation coordinator.

Li Deng

Li Deng is a masters student in Technical Entrepreneurship and Management at the University of Rochester. He previously studied at the Michigan State University, where he earned his bachelors degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Our Partners

The University of Rochester is home to most of our team members. We work closely with U of R labs to create next generation hemodialysis devices to help the ESRD patients.


Mike is the managing partner at Greenspace Capital. He has built and run several companies with a focus on finance and operations. He is the business advisor to SmartDialysis.

Dr. Lohr is the Chief of Nephrology in Buffalo V.A. Medical Center and Professor of Medicine in SUNY at Buffalo. He is our nephrology advisor.

Dr. Farry is the Clinical Director in division of nephrology in Department of Medicine, SUNY at Buffalo. He is our clinical advisor.

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